This is the Tanzaku Seal Section

 There are 6 Sets.


1992,93,94,95 無印,R,S,SS
サイズ 8.5cm×5.5cm

Part Season Quantity
Part 1 - Sailormoon 1      36 (SP36)
Part 2 - Sailormoon 2     36 (SP36)
Part 3 - Sailormoon R 1   R  36 (SP36)
Part 4 - Sailormoon R 2   R  36 (SP36)
Part 5 - Sailormoon S 1   S  40 (SP40)
Part 6 - Sailormoon SS 1  SS  40 (SP40)

Yamakatsu released these Seals in different Pullpacks (containing about 34 cards). Normal ones as you could find them
in CandyStores and other ones you could buy as bulk (Hattemite, containing about 10 cards). Almost alls cards from
Yamakatsu are avaiable as normal and as Kira cards. I have some Kira Cards, but I don't collect them, normals are
enough. Also the Kira Pattern is different on Yamakatsu Sets. So if you have cards from different Pullpacks, you also
may have different Kira Patterns.


Front Pack Part 1 Back Pack Part 1 Front Envelope Part 1 Back Envelope Part 1
Front HM Cardboard Part R 1 Back HM Cardboard Part R 1 Front Pack HM Part R 1 Back Pack HM Part R 1
Front Envelope HM Part R 1 Back Envelope HM Part R 1 Front Pack Part S 1 Back Pack Part S 1
Front Envelope Part S 1 Back Envelope Part S 1  Front Pack R1 Back Pack R1 
Front Pack R2 Back Pack R2 Front Envelope R1 + R2 Back Envelope R1 + R2
Front Pack SS Back Pack SS Front Envelope SS Back Envelope SS