Amada Printing (アマダ - 天田印刷加工) founded in 1956 was a big manufacturer for Kids Toys and Character Cards. They released many Sets in Japan. On 21st of February in the year 2014 the company dissolved and joyned ENSKY from then. Known sets are:
PullPack (プルパック - P.P. - PP),
Bromide DX - Deluxe (ブロマイド DX - デラックス),
Irezumi Seal - Temporary Tattoos (いれずみシール),
PP Magnets (PP マグネット),
PP Seal (PP シール),
Bromide (ブロマイド),
Seal Club,
World Seals,
Hero Collection,
5th Anniversary,
Film Collection
... etc.