This is the PullPack Section

 There are 15 (18) Pullpack Sets.

Status:  = complete :)

  Part Season Numbers Quantity
Part 1   1-48  48 (SP12)
Part 2   49-90 42 (SP6)
Part 3 (Part 3a)   91-130 40 (SP4)
Part - (Part 3b) R 131-174 44 (SP8)
Part 4 R 175-216 42 (SP6)
Part 5 R 217-264 48 (SP12)
Part 6 R 265-314 50 (SP14)
Part 7 R/S 315-368 54 (SP6)
Part 8  S 369-424 56 (SP20)
Part 9 S 425-466 42 (SP6)
Part 10 S 467-508 42 (SP6)
Part 11 SS 509-550 42 (SP6)
Part 12 SS 551-592 42 (SP6)
Part 13 SS 593-640 48 (SP12)
  Special Gold Cards SS 641-643 3 (SP3)
Part 14a SS 644-693 50 (SP14)
Part 14b Stars 694-741 46 (SP12)
Part 15 Stars 742-767 26 (SP6)


Pullpacks were found in Stores (mostly Candyshops). They are Envelopes covered with a Cardboard showing what you might get in the sleeves.
You paid 20Yen and you could get one of the envelope. Every envelope holds 1 Card. If you were lucky, you also received a small piece of paper, where it says (Atari!) you could "pull" another envelope for free :)
There are all named "Part X) on the back, but not Part 3b (its called so, but actually it does not have a Part). It is not the same like Part3 even the packs are different. I don't know, why they released one set this way.
It is not the same with Part 14. Part 14 is a very large set of 96 cards. Goes over two seasons SS and Stars. While Part B is easy to find, Part A is very hard to find.
Its often seperated in A and B because of its size. And the two seasons. But both, A and B, came in the same Pullpack.