News: February, 29th 2024

Added Scans of Sailor Moon German DVD-Box Sticker


If you like my work and want to support me, please share a coffee with me: THANKS IN ADVANCE!! I will later add some extras to my Ko-Fi store. Also that Webstorage costs me money every month so I really appreciate your help :)


As you may have noticed, I try to renew my Page and give it a modern touch!

New cards are coming too. Don't wonder, not every subpage is already updated, but I want to keep the images online.

Stay tuned, I do my best. All who tried to contact me, regarding buying or trading cards, don't be mad with me, I was to busy to organize anything.
So maybe give it a new try, contact me and I see what I can do for you!


Old News:

Added Bandai Pretty Soldier Collection
Added Bandai Sailor Team Collection


I like to welcome you on my website

Here you will find my Sailormoon card collection scans   
As Sailor Moon has its 25th birthday, most of the cards are 25 years old too :D It would be great if you could help me complete my collection. 

If you have any extras you want to sell, please feel free to contact me with a fair offer. 
I also have massive extras, just ask. I'm also very thankfull for any scan donation from cards I don't own. 

Please have fun on my site :)   If you find any mistakes, or things I could do better, I would be very happy if you contact me.   

Yours Minnimaus