NEWS: 14th of November 2018

So sad, but my life just screwed up and everything is wired.
But I'm working on it.

Stay tuned :)
Winter is coming and I try to go on with my collection!!

Old News:

Added Marusho Heart Cards
Added Bandai Deru Deru Girls Festival Set
Added Amada Bromide Set 1-6

Added Bandai Graffiti Set 7
Added Bandai Pretty Soldier Collection
Added Bandai Sailor Team Collection



I like to welcome you on my website

Here you will find my Sailormoon card collection scans   
As Sailor Moon has its 25th birthday, most of the cards are 25 years old too :D It would be great if you could help me complete my collection. 

If you have any extras you want to sale, please feel free to contact me with your fair offer. 
I also have a great Extras. List I'm also very thankfull for any scan donation from cards I don't own. 

Please have fun on my site :)   If you find any mistakes, or things I could do better, I would be very happy if you contact me.   

Yours Minnimaus


Extras are offline for maintenance
Ask if you are interessted!